So here’s my story…I am a 26 year old fully employed college graduate who supported myself through college and received no financial help from my family. Since I was a baby, I was taken in & raised by a loving aunt. But my aunt being a good-hearted woman tended to others as well. So it was clear that I needed to move out and support myself after I graduated high school. This led to me incurring 100% of current loan debt of $45,000 from undergraduate studies at Rutgers (which continues to accrue interest). Juggling many different jobs I managed to graduate in 5 years.

I currently work for a healthcare organization. Although I am fully employed, I’m not happy. Unfortunately, like many others I am overworked and underpaid. I’ve decided to follow my heart and talent and pursue my passion…HAIR! A career in the fashion industry as a Hairstylist would bring much joy to my life. I have worked without formal training doing hair since I was 14. With this said, becoming a hairstylist will allow me to make my vision become a reality.

I want to start the Cosmetology program at Empire Beauty School in February so that I can complete the 9 month program and begin training in the field. The issue? Of course as always…money! Yikes! I applied for financial aid and they claimed that I am not eligible for any grants. I am struggling to pay my rent and other necessities not to mention interest on loans. I live a simple life and am very disciplined in not adding any additional debt. I cannot afford to attend beauty school without the financial help of others.

I am hoping to get 13,000 people to donate at least $1 so that I can achieve my dream of attending beauty school. I don’t like asking for financial help but this dream will never be accomplished without it. If I succeed in collecting enough money to attend school I will one day pay this forward by helping others achieve their dreams in addition to giving back to my community.

This blog will allow you to journey with me through beauty school and my experience ultimately achieving my dream of working as a Hairstylist in a NYC salon. You could also post any words of encouragement that you would like as well. I would be most grateful if you forwarded this blog to your family, friends, and contacts.

Hairstyling is something that I love doing, and have been doing since I was little. It’s my passion…my future. Essentially my goal is to become a celebrity hair stylist, styling hair on runways, and photo shoots. If I am able to get 13,000 people to donate at least $1, that would enable me to change my career and pay my way through beauty school.

I would be immensely grateful for any help. I know we are in a terrible economy – I don’t have any expectations other than your ability to share HAIR! with friends and contacts. Also, I will  need sacrificial lambs model heads to hone my hairstyling skills…so if anyone is interested in a free hairstyle during or after the program, my contact info is available.

If you have the means and would like to help me reach my goal, you can click on the donate button below. You are not required to create a Paypal account to make a donation. If you are not comfortable with making a donation online but would still like to donate, please contact me and I will provide you with an address to mail your donation.

Warm Regards,

Tracy Alvarez

Brooklyn, NY