Day 4 was pretty good. We learned hand & arm massaging techniques. Each student had to pick a partner to practice their technique. I suppose I actually needed it because I started to slightly nod off when my classmate was practicing on me! Uhhhmm can anyone say embarassing? lol Oh yea, I also decided to walk to the 5th floor instead of taking the elevator and I fell UP the stairs not down. lol lol lol lol Gotta love me, right?

Sidenote: I was getting off the train and saw an elderly women and was disgusted that no one even bothered to help her with her bags. So I decided to walk up to approach her and offer to help. Just before I invaded her personal space I figured out why people were not helping her. This woman was homeless, scratching her butt, & smelled like a hot pile of 50 year old cow dung mixed with a bag of fart and stale urine!!!!! I politely detoured my intended route and walked right out of the subway station for air. Just saying people, juuusssttt saying-

On that note, it has been a long week & it’s after midnight so technically it’s Friday. I am ready for a bit of winding down and seeing my faves on LI. Shout out to the Gabriels! Linda, I got next on your blowout. I’m getting pret-ty schnazy with the caucasian hair! Mannequin pics to come.

Until Monday, later gators……………