We meet again! Hope everyone had a terrific day because I did! I thought we were going to just hit the books for the entire class but to my surprise it was hands-on for half of the class. Uhmm I was totally in my element!!! We had to do a dry blowout with our mannequin. Today we worked with the mannequin named Tiffany…yes, they all have names. Listen, I guess mannequins need love, too! lol Tiffany had caucasian hair and when I was done blowing her out, she looked a bit of a hotmess.com. But don’t you worry Tiffy-poo, they gave you some brillo pad caucasian hair with dried, split ends like WHOA!! It’s a set-up!! haha Just kidding! I did pretty well though considering I’m not used to styling caucasian hair. I need to slap a perm in Tiffany’s head though to make her look like a million bucks. Or at least blow it out while its wet, ugh. But I guess they’re preparing me to deal with anything that comes my way.

Side note: TONS of people at school have been asking me about my hair. Is that your hair or is that extensions? What kind of texturizer do you use? Do you have a perm? NOW….the moment of truth. Guys, I DO NOT have ANY type of chemicals in my hair. My hair is in it’s most natural state…100% natural. I don’t use any curly perms, texturizers, etc. I just use good old fashioned water and leave-in conditioner and my hair does it’s own thing.

Happy Valentines Day!!!