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Ok, so I tried …

Ok, so I tried to post the pics up but for some odd reason they’re unable to upload. I’m going to try a few other ways to load them. Bare with me….


Day 7

Today we did free-style nail art! Yeaaaa buddy! I’ll post pics tomorrow. I know, I know…I still havent posted pics of Tiffany’s  yet. Will def have the fabulous pics soon. Took my test today and got 1 wrong. Ugh, I got a 96% not horrible for the first exam, but I seek perfection and perfection I shall obtain…to a certain extent at least. I hurt my d@mn foot today and now it’s a bit swollen because I didnt put an ice pack on it. Ouuucchhhhh! Ugh, did I mention that I need my own reality show?? Just sayin, juuuussssttt sayin-

Day 6

Today….pedicures! My toes were busted times five. My classmate did a pretty good job considering that my toes looked like Elmira’s toes from that Episode of Martin when Shenaynay had to get the saw to cut her toenails. Hey c’mon, it is what it is! lol The most important thing is that they look purttyyy now! hahaha Alright, study time. Test tomorrow-

Day 5

Hola! Hope everyone had a superb weekend! As always, being at beauty school is the hightlight of my day. On my way to work, once I start walking around the corner from my job I start to get a pounding headache and get just a bit irritable. But once I leave those doors to head out to school, I’m floating on cloud 9, 26 and 38!! Love it! Today we did each other’s manicures. The young woman that did mine nipped the crap out of my cuticle. I guess that’s why it’s good to practice now. Give people cut up, bloody cuticles now so that you get your ish together once you get that license! Yea, I said it!!! Alright, time to study. First test this week…..

Day 4

Day 4 was pretty good. We learned hand & arm massaging techniques. Each student had to pick a partner to practice their technique. I suppose I actually needed it because I started to slightly nod off when my classmate was practicing on me! Uhhhmm can anyone say embarassing? lol Oh yea, I also decided to walk to the 5th floor instead of taking the elevator and I fell UP the stairs not down. lol lol lol lol Gotta love me, right?

Sidenote: I was getting off the train and saw an elderly women and was disgusted that no one even bothered to help her with her bags. So I decided to walk up to approach her and offer to help. Just before I invaded her personal space I figured out why people were not helping her. This woman was homeless, scratching her butt, & smelled like a hot pile of 50 year old cow dung mixed with a bag of fart and stale urine!!!!! I politely detoured my intended route and walked right out of the subway station for air. Just saying people, juuusssttt saying-

On that note, it has been a long week & it’s after midnight so technically it’s Friday. I am ready for a bit of winding down and seeing my faves on LI. Shout out to the Gabriels! Linda, I got next on your blowout. I’m getting pret-ty schnazy with the caucasian hair! Mannequin pics to come.

Until Monday, later gators……………

Day 3

Day 3 was another great day! A lil’ bit of book work, and of course what I like…hands on! We worked on Tiffany’s hair again today. I didnt make her look a piping mess today. She actually looks like she’s ready for a hot date! lol I’ll post a pic tomorrow. I’m beat and tomorrow we have our first quiz so I have to crack the books open-

Day 2

We meet again! Hope everyone had a terrific day because I did! I thought we were going to just hit the books for the entire class but to my surprise it was hands-on for half of the class. Uhmm I was totally in my element!!! We had to do a dry blowout with our mannequin. Today we worked with the mannequin named Tiffany…yes, they all have names. Listen, I guess mannequins need love, too! lol Tiffany had caucasian hair and when I was done blowing her out, she looked a bit of a But don’t you worry Tiffy-poo, they gave you some brillo pad caucasian hair with dried, split ends like WHOA!! It’s a set-up!! haha Just kidding! I did pretty well though considering I’m not used to styling caucasian hair. I need to slap a perm in Tiffany’s head though to make her look like a million bucks. Or at least blow it out while its wet, ugh. But I guess they’re preparing me to deal with anything that comes my way.

Side note: TONS of people at school have been asking me about my hair. Is that your hair or is that extensions? What kind of texturizer do you use? Do you have a perm? NOW….the moment of truth. Guys, I DO NOT have ANY type of chemicals in my hair. My hair is in it’s most natural state…100% natural. I don’t use any curly perms, texturizers, etc. I just use good old fashioned water and leave-in conditioner and my hair does it’s own thing.

Happy Valentines Day!!!


Hello again, beautiful people!!! I know, I know. You are just DYING for me to tell you how my first day of school went. Well, I figured I’d make you sweat it out a little bit…it makes for more anticipated conversation. So sad that Whitney Houston died; I feel bad for her daughter (I heard that she was on suicide watch), poor thing. How about those Giants winning? Yea, sure was a good game….hope you all had a good day….it wasnt too cold out today….Ok, ok I can’t lie, I’m dying to tell you about my day just as much as you want to hear.

I was looking at the time on my PC at work hoping that it would magically fast forward, but to no avail. However, when it was time for me to leave….wow! I got so nervous and excited at the same time. It felt like a renaissance for me; the beginning of my career. The feeling that I had was a feeling that no one or nothing could take away from me. A sense of extreme passion, joy, excitement, hope, motivation and hunger. It’s so crazy because today we just went over policies & procedure, located our lockers, made sure we had all supplies in our kits and got familiar with each other; and I wasnt bored not one bit. By the way, my teacher’s name is Mr. Roach…and no I’m not trying to be a wise a$$. That’s his real name. But he seems really chill, though and he said some things in class that hit home. Anywho, today was a great day!!! Super excited about tomorrow. We start to learn about nails and all of those complexly pronounced diseases with letters that should never be seen together!

So this is it, guys. It’s time to prepare myself to shed blood, sweat, and tears to get where I want to be in my life. I’m ready and willing. This is the first time in my life where I feel like what I’m doing is bigger than me, bigger than life

My first day…..O-M-G!

Hey everyone! First off, I would like to thank all of you that has supported me in my very risky decision and to those whom have donated monetarily. It really means a lot to me.

Soooo what is today????? THE FIRST DAY OF BEAUTY SCHOOOOLLLLLLL! YAAYYY! GO ME, GO ME! (Or should I save the “Go me” for when I actually complete the program? Ehh maybe not!!) GO ME, Go ME! haha It brings me back to my super young years (because I am oh! still so young) when I would get ready for my first day of school. The only thing now is neither my aunt nor my uncle Peter isnt here to hold my hand to bring me into the classroom. Well, I guess it would be a bit embarassing of they were to do that now. LOL

Anywho, back to my **excitement**. I have all of my books packed and my outfit ready. Since today is the first day, I’m assuming it will not be too involved. I assume we’re probably going to go over our kits to make sure we have all of the supplies that we need and to touch base on various other logistics.

Unfortunately, I have to work today (bleh!) so I’m not off to school until this afternoon. But I’m hoping time will just do me a favor and fast forward the day while at work and slow it down right when I walk through those doors to start my life in the career path that I’m so passionate about. Well people, I’ll check back in later to let you know how the first day was!  Ciao!

The Startup!!!

Hey guys!!! Ok, so far people have donated $2200. Thank you so much everyone!! I am very thankful for your gestures and am confident that there are amazing people in this world that will help me accomplish my goal!! Yaaayyyyy!!!

PS- For those of you that can’t find my story on this site, you have to go to the top of the page and click on the “About” tab.